New Free Pattern : The Celestial Cowl

The Celestial Cowl
By Sarah Grieve

This is a fun quick knit that only takes a few hours to make - just in time for Christmas! The beautiful linen ribbon yarn mixed with the mohair makes for a light as air, ethereal look.

2 Balls of Jaeger Celeste - MC -  #185 Lilac - 90 Meters - (50% Viscose, 30% Polyamide, 20% Linen)

1 Ball of Schulana Mosco - CC - #30 Purple - 125 Meters - (67% Viscose, 20% Mohair Superkid, 13% Polyamide)
12mm Needles

Cast on 30sts.

Row 1-2 : Knit with MC
Row 3-4: Knit with CC

Repeat the last 4 rows until scarf measures 65 inches.

Sew the top and the bottom to each other. Weave in all ends. Wash & block.

Tips & Tricks

*This yarn is now discontinued as Jaeger is now out of business but we have 4 lovely colors - all at half price!! This makes the project under 20$ to knit!

* When sewing the scarf together, you could twist one end for the appearance of a infinity scarf.

* The Celestial Cowl could be made by substituting the Mosco with 1 ball of Superkid Mohair such as Drops Kid Silk or Schulana Kid Seta.

* The Celestial Cowl could also be left open and worn as a scarf.