Counter Service/Update on our Re-Opening Process

Given the warmer weather and the reduce number of Covid 19 cases in our city, we have transitioned to a system of curbside pickup or counter service.

While we would love to be able to just open the doors freely and go back to normal, we aren't able to accommodate that just yet given we are in the middle of our inventory taking and that everyone who works at Gina Brown's is immunocompromised or lives with someone that is.

With our counter service, you can come up to our open air counter, speak with us about what product you are interested in, and we will bring that product to the counter and answer any questions you may have. After using hand sanitizer, you can also touch and look at the product before you make your decision. Payment processing is still easiest via credit card.

We will be wearing masks when we serve you and we ask that if at all possible, you do as well. We know this isn't a perfect solution, but we hope you will stick with with us as we figure things out and move towards being able to fully open to the public again.

For now, our hours are still 11-3pm Tuesday to Saturday. Curbside pickup is also still available. Call us at 403-255-2200 or email us at ginabrowns @

*UPDATE* We now offer tap with debit or credit card as a method of payment