Easter Hours

We will be closed the following days for the easter weekend.
Closed Friday March 25

Open Saturday March 26 10am-5pm

Closed Sunday March 27
Closed Monday March 28

Hope everyone enjoys some time off with family and friends. Back to regular hours Tuesday.

Family Day

We will be closed Monday February 15 to enjoy a day with family.Saturday and Sunday we are open as usual. Back to regular hours on Tuesday.
Learn to knit- all the basics. Cast on,knit,purl,increase, decrease, cast off and sew a mattress seam. We will make a simple cowl and a cozy hat.
Tuesday January 12-26              3 classes
Tuesday February 9-23               Fee $79
Tuesday March 1-15                   7.00pm- 9.00 pm
Tuesday April 5-19
Tuesday May 3-17

We will help you choose your next knitting or crochet project in any technique. For those with basic skills, who want to learn more. This group has lots of fun!
Wednesday January 6-27                               4 classes
Wednesday February 3-24                              Fee $99
Wednesday March 2-30 (no class March 23) 7.00pm-9.00 pm
Wednesday April 6-27
Wednesday May 4-25

Crochet is so much fun! Learn your basic crochet stitches and pattern reading. We will make a variety of small projects. 3 classes
Monday March 7-21                            Fee $79
                                                             7.00pm- 9.00pm

Become a fearless knitter. Learn to pick up dropped stitches, untwist them and recognize what mistakes look like and how to fix them.
Monday April 18                                  1 class
                                                            Fee $29

This form of crochet uses a long crochet hook to create a knit like effect. We will practice a variety of stitches and make a cozy scarf.
Monday April 4                                        1 class
                                                                 Fee $29

A retro look that can be a pot holder or an afghan. Learn to change colors.
Monday April 11                                      1 class
                                                                 Fee $29


These cozy mitts are lined with wool thrums. A Canadian classic that’s super warm.
Sunday January 17 & 24 2.00pm- 4.00pm 2 classes Fee $49

Make this Canadian classic with natural unspun wool. Learn to follow charts and knit with two colors using one of our new or vintage patterns. Very trendy again!
Sunday January 31& February 7 2.00pm-4.00pm 2 classes Fee $49

Learn to knit in the round on circular and four needles. Our chunky hat can be made in any size from baby to adult. Discover the joy of seamless knitting!
Sunday February 21 2.00pm-4.00pm 1 class Fee $29

These cozy slippers are our favorite with sizes for the whole family. Knit with pure wool then shrunk in the machine.
Sunday February 28 & March 6 2.00pm-4.00pm 2 classes Fee $49

Make this multicolored hat with the two handed Fair Isle technique. You'll learn how to knit in the round, read charts and carry your colors at the back. Here is your chance to learn the continental knitting technique.
Sunday March 13 & 20 2.00pm-4.00pm 2 classes Fee $49

Bring your sweater in pieces, ready to sew together. We will show you how the pros do it.
Sunday April 3 2.00pm-4.00pm 1 class Fee $29

Make a delicate lace scarf as you learn to read charts and insert that all important life line. Basic knitting skills required. It's not as scarey as it looks!
Sunday April 10 & 17 2.00pm-4.00pm 2 classes Fee $49

Here's a fun next step in crochet. Make a whimsical toy and learn to follow a more intricate pattern with color changes.
Sunday April 24 2.00pm-4.00 pm 1 class Fee $29

Learn to needle felt with raw wool and a felting needle. Lots of fun.
Sunday May 15 1.00 pm- 3.00 pm 1 class Fee $29

Join the fun on Monday evenings as we explore a variety of sock knitting techniques.

Learn the basics of sock knitting including how to knit on four needles, turn a heel and graft the toe. Hand knit socks- the ultimate luxury!
Monday January 18 -February 1 3 classes 7.00pm-9.00pm Fee $79

These socks are worked from the toes to the cuff, one at a time, on a long circular needle using the “magic loop” technique. You will love the easy wrap and turn heel!
Monday February 22 & 29 2 classes 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm Fee $49

For one on one attention, or help with outside yarns- these lessons can be booked during business hours.
 Fee $45- 1 ½ hrs

Register by phone or in person
- Classes are limited in size, so register early. Registration is confirmed when paid in full.
- No cash refunds unless the class is canceled by Gina Brown’s.
- Store credits or transfers must be made one week prior to starting date. Once the class has begun there can be no credits or transfers.
 -Fees cover instruction only unless otherwise stated
- Please arrive on time and turn off your cell phone in consideration of teachers and class mates
-Classes are designed for adults 16 and older
-All classes except Knitting for Beginners, Crochet for Beginners or Felting, require a prerequisite of those classes or equivalent skills.
- Sorry, we cannot do makeup classes
- No babies, children or non registered companions
Your purchases allow us to subsidize the cost of our classes, so that we can offer quality instruction, in small groups, at an affordable price.

107, 5718 1A Street SW Calgary AB T2H0E8

New Free Patterns To Knit Up Quick

Need some ASAP holiday gift idea? Want a project you can accomplish in one evening without giving yourself carpal tunnel?  Check out these quick knits:

Click here for the pattern for our new Lonely Cable Cowl

Click here for the pattern for The Super Bulky Button Hat

Click here for "Alfalfa" our free 2 needle superbulky hat pattern

Malabrigo Month!

This month we are celebrating Mal Month – the yearly celebration of all things Malabrigo. This time of year, tens of thousands of knitters cast on using the amazingly soft and delightfully handpainted yarns from Malabrigo. At Gina Brown’s, we love Malabrigo and carry almost all of their yarns – from their lace weight ; to their super bulky, Rasta.

Just in time for Malabrigo March, Sarah’s Hengpai – A Drop Stitch Slouch pattern was featured on the Malabrigo website as part of the Malabrigo Quickies Pattern Program. Well done Sarah!

 Here are a few of our favorite Malabrigo patterns designed by the staff at Gina Brown’s:

Birdie by Susan Morrell

This cute slouchy hat is knit from Rios in Arco Iris. This hat is perfect for the anticipation of Spring!

Ropes Cowl by Kristina Larson

This ever popular cowl is a great accessory for the transitition into warmer weather. Knit from Rasta in Piedras, this cowl knits up extra fast on 12mm double point needles!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a quick little knit for your loved ones!
A Wee Bit of Love
by Sarah Grieve


Katia Espiga – 1 Ball 50 % Cotton, 50% Acrylic, 121 meters/ 50 gram Ball
Or: Any Double Knit Cotton – 15 yards
3.5mm/US4 80 cm Circular Knitting Needle (for working magic loop)
Gauge: 24 sts = 4"/10cm

Size: 1.5" tall x 2" wide


Cast on 4 sts. Join evenly in the round making sure not to twist stitches.
Round 1: Knit.
Round 2 (Increase Row): *K1, M1, knit to end of 1st needle.M1, K1. Repeat from * for second needle.
Round 3: Knit.
Repeat the last 2 rows until there are 32 sts total.

Next Row (Dividing Row): Knit 8 sts. Slide the next 16 sts onto waste yarn. Knit remaining last 8 sts. When working magic loop, each needle will have 8 sts.
Next Round: Knit.

Top of Right Heart Shaping:

Round 1: Sl1, K1, PSSO, K2, K2tog, Sl1, K1, PSSO, K2, K2tog.
Round 2: Knit.
Repeat Round 1 & 2, once more.
Using the kitchener stitch, fasten off.
Stuff heart with filling before starting to knit other side. 

Top of Left Heart Shaping: 

Redistribute 16 stitches from waste yarn onto needles. When working magic loop, each needle will have 8 sts.
Next Round: Knit.
Round 1: Sl1, K1, PSSO, K2, K2tog, Sl1, K1, PSSO, K2, K2tog.
Round 2: Knit.
Repeat Round 1 & 2, once more.
Using the kitchener stitch, fasten off.

New Free Pattern! Eliza

Here is our new pattern for a tiny top down cardi/vest, named after its very wiggly sweater model, Eliza. It was made up in super soft super bulky. Malabrigo Rasta or Twinkle Soft Chunky work best. This makes a great baby/toddler gift you can whip up at the last minute. Enjoy! click here for pattern

Knit a Spring Cowl in BamBoo

Knit this reversible mobius cowl with two balls of Cotton Bam Boo by Classic Elite Yarns. It is worked in two sections with a unique stitch that is textured horizontally and lacey vertically. Choose from 6 self patterning colourways. Great for the office or a cool spring day1

Ropes Cowl


12mm dpns (set of 4 or 5)

1 Hank Malabrigo Rasta

five small stitch holders, or large safety pins

three 1-1.5 " buttons

darning needle


k2tog= knit 2 together

m1= make 1 by lifting the bar between two stitches onto the left hand needle, then knit this bar through the back.

i-cord= using 2 dpns: with 4 sts on needle, knit side facing and yarn attached at left side of work, insert right needle into 1st stitch on left hand needle (note: this is the opposite side to where the yarn is attached). **Knit 4 stitches, pulling yarn very tight for first stitch. DO NOT TURN WORK AROUND. Slide stitches so that the knit side is facing and the yarn is attached to stitch on the far left side of the left hand needle. Repeat this process from** , tugging on the cord as it grows every few inches. Youtube is also a great visual aid if you need help making the i-cords(click here for video by Judy).


With 12 mm cast on 15 sts.

Knit 4 rows

Begin i-cords:

***k3, m1. place remaining stitches on holder.

using these four stitches , work in i-cord for 22"

place i-cord stitches on holder (safety pins work well), break yarn.

Place next 3 stitches from original holder onto needle.Re-attach yarn to these 3 stitches and repeat the process from ***, making each cord 3.5" longer than the previous one.

Once you have five cords, place all the stitches from these 5 cords onto one needle, insuring cords aren't twisted.

K3, k2together, k2, k2together, k2, k2together, k2, k2together, k3.

All cords should now be joined by the k2togethers of last row.

Knit in garter stitch until yarn is almost used up. (2-10 rows)

Cast off.

Sew 3 buttons to the smaller of the garter stitch band. Push buttons through fabric of other band to close.

Weave in all ends. (Stuffing them down the icord centres is a good way to hide them :).)

The Kimbo Kowl

The Kimbo Kowl
     by Sarah Grieve


20mm / US36 Needles
1 Ball Katia Kimbo - 150gms/5oz., 22meters/24 yards/ball , 53% Wool, 47% Acrylic 

Shown in Color - 830
A Tapestry Needle

2 Large Buttons - 1 3/4" each

Size - Finished Measurements:
24 x7" - 61 x 18 cm


Cast on 8 sts.

Row 1-2: Knit
Row 3: *K1, Yo twice, repeat from * to last st. K1.
Row 4: *K1, drop 2 yarn overs from previous row. Repeat from * to last st. K1.
Row 5-7: Knit.

Repeat rows 3- 7 until there is just enough wool to cast off. (Save at least 2 meters).

Cast off. 


Weave in all ends. Sew buttons to short end of cowl. Wear and Enjoy!

Tips & Tricks:

* To make it easier to cast off, do not end the project with a row 3.
* Use the buttons to create different looks by buttoning the cowl in different places.
K - Knit
St(s) - Stitch
Yo - Yarn Over

New Sublime Silks

Here are two new yarns from Sublime that are perfect for summer knitting.

This easy sweater with bracelet sleeve and cowl neck will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe. The sample is currently on display in pink  Other colours include cream, taupe, mint and blue. We love Tussah Silk's two tone effect, shiny and mat, from the combination of the two fibers, silk and rayon.

Here is a blankie that is super easy and super soft in Sublime's new Baby Silk Bamboo. It's sure to become baby's favorite thing.

Happy Mother's Day

Drop by the store this weekend for a lovely gift for Mom. We are featuring our knitting bags and the new shipment of dellaQ silk accessories at 10% off. If you buy it for yourself we won't tell!

Louisa Harding Spring 2011

The snow is starting to melt and spring yarns are arriving daily.Here are two from Louisa Harding
Her new yarn Ianthe is a blend of half cotton and half merino wool.  It knits to a standard DK guage and has a lovely drape.
The cardi is knit in her new Ondine. It is a soft 100%  cotton in tonal marled colors. Discover the feminine look of Louisa Harding- a perfect look for spring